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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  September 23, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hey, good morning to you. i'm natasha curry in for robin meade today. the sun returned to parts of the south after a week of record-breaking rain only to shine light on tragedy and loss. plus, the leader of libya stirred up outrage when its country held a homecoming for convicted plane bomber. cameras are rolling as an out-of-control car barrels toward a little girl here. look at that, how she walked away without a scratch. amazing. after nearly a week of rain, the southeast is finally getting a break. the sun came out yesterday but
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it is still a mess. roads across the region are still blocked right now and some schools in georgia will be closed again today. now there's still plenty of flooding. some people still can't go home. others have made it back to see the damage and some relived how they escaped all of this. >> i mean, i'm laughing and joking about it but i'm really crying on the inside because this is just unbelievable. i mean, when we left here yesterday, we got stuck in the field with three kids and we broke the fence down trying to get out of here. >> wow. and for the first time we're hearing from the distraught father of a 2-year-old boy who drowned when they got trapped in floodwaters. >> i just told him it would be all right and i loved him and we would make it, but we didn't make it.
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>> it happened monday in a creek that turned into a raging river. the father was hanging object to bushes in one arm with his little boy in the other. the water was so powerful it eventually pulled the boy away. new this morning, many people would get 13 extra weeks of unemployment benefits under a bill the house approved yesterday. our money expert jennifer westhoven is here. more than a million people may qualify for the extension? yeah. i tell you when you are collecting unemployment, those checks can make a big difference. these are for states with very high unemployment, not the whole country. the idea here is there are people who may be out there looking, pounding the pavement, but there aren't that many jobs available. high unemployment is considered to be more than 8.5% so take a look at this. you can see if your state is among the states with high unemployment. all the states in red qualify for these benefits. 27 of the states there, and we also have the states with the highest unemployment rates,
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michigan more than 15%. so these are all double digits here. the national average is just under 10%. the senate is expected to approve this extension, natasha, and the president is expected to sign the bill soon afterwards. we don't know exactly when but probably by the end of the week. >> a handful of people are keeping their fingers crossed. thanks so much. president obama will speak to the united nations general assembly this morning. he's expected to pointedly ask world leaders for help in dealing with terrorism and the economy. then libyan leader moammar gadhafi will address the assembly for the first time in his 40-year rule. demonstrators plan a protest against moammar gadhafi and mahmoud ahmadinejad who will also speak to the assembly. gadhafi is trying to set up a massive tent during his visit but the people who live there are outraged about it. in less than ten minutes correspondent richard lui explains what they are doing to
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keep gadhafi out of their backyard. we have video you have to see here but we want to tell you first, the little girl in the video is okay even though it looks like a car plows right into her. here she is at a convenience store. police in washington state say that an out-of-control car hit the store. look at that and then a parking pole wedged under the car, lifting it over the 6-year-old girl. >> and when the mom saw the video, she had a moment there. she broke down for a bit. the dad basically kind of covered his mouth and just couldn't believe what he saw in the video, how it happened so quick. >> wow. and again, she is okay. police say the driver had a suspended license and is charged with reckless driving. spontaneous combustion of manure at a ranch may have started a fast moving fire in california. that's what the fire department thinks anyway.
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look at these flames. up to 600 families were told to leave but some had been told to go home. the fire has burned 8,000 acres ripping through canyons and hills. wow. well, be it looks like central florida cops are in trouble. video surveillance inside a convicted drug dealer's house shows cops playing wii after storming the house to search it. one sheriff's detective who was supposed to be cataloging evidence is seen repeatedly putting down her work and picking up the wii repoet to play a bowling game. they were in the home for nine hours. police are investigating the matter. all right. to bob van dillen. hopefully, bob, what's going on right now? some areas are drying out. some areas aren't, ma tash yeah. high pressure building in from the east and that's actually pushing most of the heavy rain we've seen through alabama into tennessee along the stationary
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boundary but also the clouds and the rain coming across the carolina shores all the way down towards florida. that is a tropical wave moving in. a lot of moisture out there. the carolina coast, georgia coast, all the way down to florida really going to get covered up with heavy rain. you can see it on the radar. as for the heavy stream of rain, again, it's going to be centered over alabama, in towards mississippi, in towards tennessee. an additional inch of rain is a possibility. right now most of it falling in northern alabama near huntsville. some heavy rain over you. off and on most of the day. as for the carolinas, look at the showers. wilmington getting back down in towards the myrtle beach area. that rain is going to be around this region but that's about it. an i-report real quick. this is more video around georgia. this is marietta when it was at its height. the waters are receding. this area got about 20 inches of
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rain. >> it looks like a water fall almost. >> kind of a break there. unreal. >> it's ridiculous all the flooding. >> bridges are beginning to open up around atlanta. it's a lot better. sarah palin is following in the footsteps of former president bill clinton. the former alaska governor is heading in a new direction and it's apparently making her bank account a lot fatter. and a major search is over at the home of phillip and nancy garrido. ring ring ring ring.
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the controversial libyan leader moammar gadhafi has one new york suburb in an uproar right now. he arrived in the u.s. yesterday for the united nations general assembly then set up a huge september in their neighborhood to use during his visit. correspondent richard lui joining us now. richard, is that legal? technically he's allowed to
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travel within a certain difference from u.n. headquarters in new york city and the massive tent he started putting up in bedford, new york, yesterday is within that radius we're talking about. one county executive still is not happy about this. >> he's not welcome. this guy is a terrorist. he's maimed and killed innocent people. he really doesn't belong here let alone in westchester in the united states. >> now the town attorney also says you need a building permit to put a tent that size up. they delivered a stop work order yesterday. they're going back to make sure they have complied. >> the thing is huge. the land is owned by the trump organization. so what does donald trump have to say about this? >> listen to this. it appears from what we know trump did not know gadhafi was the one renting this property. in a statement his company is saying, quote, we have business partners and associates all over the world. the property was leased on a short-term basis to middle
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eastern partners who may or may not have a relationship to mr. gadhafi. we are looking into the matter. that's a statement. state department officials say gadhafi will not be sleeping in the tent but was planning to hold meetings there which he likes to do in that specific tent. >> it should be interesting. sarah palin gave a pry profile speech in hong kong today talking about economics, government and u.s./asian affairs at a conference of global investors. it's the same conference hosted by former president bill clinton, former vice president al gore and former fed chairman alan greenspan. it was closed to the media. nothing's worse than getting stuck with an overdraft fee after using your debit card and now there are some changes coming your way to help us out here. jennifer westhoven is here. are banks feeling the heat from congress? >> they are. basically how this is working there have been all these stories about overdrafts lately.
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there's a lot of outrage about it and lawmakers are looking at some new rules here. as you can imagine the banks thought, no, we don't really like those rules. let's put in some rules ourselves and try to get out ahead of that. that's what we're talking about now. right now as you probably know if your bank accounts say you have 10 bucks in your bank account and you forget and you go out and buy something big, they whack you. usually the overdraft fees are about $35. now bank of america and chase are going to have some overdraft protection rules coming in so one is say you had 10 bucks in the account, you tried to buy something for $35, your card would go, beep, and be declined. maybe you would find a different way to pay because you forgot. they would limit fees and cut back on the maximum number of daily fees. as you may know, i know i do, if you forget and you go out using your card, you can get hit ten times in a day because you forgot about this. now bank of america will only
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charge you up to four times. so what's that, $140 in fees? great. all right. a little bit of an opinion. overdraft fees are a place many people agree there is consumer protection needed. let's get you good news at general motors. 3,000 employees are going to be going back to work at gm. it is recalling 2,400 employees as it raises output at three factories. that is good news in a bad economy. gm needs to make up production lost from this year's big factory consolidation. when they were closing down some plants to try to move shifts in different places they lost a lot of production. gm said it will mean 600 workers will be back on the job. in case you were wondering why i said 3,000 and then 2,500. two different things. >> thanks so much. here are some stories to watch out for today. at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing on whether to
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reauthorize some provisions of the patriot act. at 2:15 investors will be watching for the federal reserve's decision on whether it will change a key interest rate and at 3:30 president obama meets with russian president -- russia's president in new york and it will be their first meeting since mr. obama announced his decision to scrap president bush's plan for a defense shield in europe. >> no ifs ands or buts about it. you may have taken your last puff. find out which ones are now illegal. also ahead, a lawyer for anna nicole smith's doctor says her client did not have a sexual relationship with smith because he's openly gay. ♪ we created our college of business and management... after collaborating with business leaders. we wanted our curriculum to match market needs, preparing you for today's most sought-after careers. in fact, we have not one but five specialized colleges,
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senate democrats want to push through a final health care proposal by friday but no republicans are onboard with this. the congressional budget office has contradicted president obama saying some seniors would see medicare benefits cut under the plan. and moderate income families could spend as much as 20% of their income on health care expenses. 16 minutes past the hour. four people got hurt after guns were fired at the busiest border crossing between the u.s. and mexico.
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this is in san diego yesterday. check it out. agents fired shots against traffic to stop a group of vans trying to get past inspectors to get into the u.s. at least 70 people were taken into custody, one of the shooting victims is in critical condition. candy and fruit flavored cigarettes are illegal in the u.s. an fda ban took effect and it includes clove flavored cigarettes. it does not include menthol cigarettes or flavored cigars and anti-smoking advocates say some companies are skirting the ban by making the cigars the size of cigarettes. people freaked out when they thought they saw a body next to a billboard. >> laying down so i thought she was dead. >> in 20 minutes the big misunderstanding that had police a little miffed.
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two photographers are suing tom brady and his wife for a million bucks. they say they were shot at when they tried to photograph the couple. here's rafer weigel with the latest twist on this story. rafer? good morning, natasha. pretty inflammatory accusations. now this allegedly happened at a post wedding party at gisele's home. they say they were shot at by security guards when they refused to give up their cameras and memory cards narrowly shattering one car, alleging physical and emotional damages. it claims brady hired improperly trained guards for the party when they knew the press was likely going to be there. their lawyers, though, have not commented. it was an emotional day in court for plaxico burress who tearfully said good-bye to his young son be and pregnant wife after being sentenced to two years in prison for having a gun
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in a new york nightclub and accidentally shooting himself in the thigh. burress was the hero of last year's super bowl. he was immediately taken to rikers island. former boston red sox pitcher curt schilling says he will not pursue edward kennedy's seat in the senate. schilling was a hero or is a hero in massachusetts after his infamous bloody sock. even though he got a lot of support running did not make sense, he said. he campaigned for former president bush and john mccain. he would have run as an independent. and last ly it's the world bear and mustache championship. >> is he weld iing? >> practically. look how stiff those things are. 17 different categories. they're judged the same way gymnastics and skating are. the judge covering her score.
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that's my favorite. they're going to poke someone's eye out. >> or their own if they don't watch it. a doctor charged with illegally giving drugs to anna nicole smith says he never had sex with her. what about the proof, though? his lawyer says he is openly gay. the attorney says that a compromising photo cited in police documents was snapped at a gay pride celebration and that is one of the many flaws in the investigation. the district attorney's office says that it's too early to comment on this whole case. we have an exciting addition to our prime time lineup coming your way next week. the joy behar show will air every night at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on hln. it's her "moment of joy commentary." so i hear that ukraine has turned down elton john's request to adopt a ukrainian boy. okay, who's in charge there? who's in charge there?
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i think i dated him. are you saying elton john is too old or too gay? he may be gay but he's a humanitarian knighted by the queen of england. in fact, some people think he is the queen of england. this baby, this poor baby, is unwanted, hiv positive and stuck in some depressing orphanage that makes abu ghraib look like the presidential sweet at the waldorf with no prospects to move up in the world. where is he going to go? as tone yeah? and here is the chance to be taken in by two loving, fabulously rich parents, who will give him the best health care in the universe and dress him in versace jammies. now elton john will move on and find some other more tolerant country willing to allow him to be a dad. little lev will grow up into foster homes, turn out to be a bitter drunk and will one day
6:22 am
return to the orphanage and say you [ bleep ], i'm living in a dumpster when i could have had front row seats at the garden for the rest of my life and hung out with sting and elizabeth r hurley. and that's a sad story. but maybe that's just me. >> "the joy behar show" airs next tuesday. it's not the new lexus. 's not the new bmw. it'sbot the new audi. what it is... is impossible to resist.
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where are they going to go now? all their friends are going to want their favorite teachers who are going elsewhere. we pray for the best. >> parents, students and teachers do not know what is going to happen next. flooding left their school completely underwater. the rain finally stopped yesterday. coming up meteorologist bob van dillen will tell us if we'll keep drying out or if more rain is on the way. new help could be coming in you're unemployed. the house overwhelmingly voted to extend benefits for 13 weeks in 27 states with unemployment
6:31 am
rates 8.5% or higher. this would help a million people. the justice department will take a look at the community organizing group a.c.o.r.n. they will find out if a.c.o.r.n. got any justice department grant money and how it used the money. they have come under fire after employees were caught on video giving advice to a couple posing as a prostitute and pimp . police are looking in dallas for a man who escaped from a prison hospital on saturday. they say he tied together several blankets and crawled through a vent to make his way out of the hospital. barnes was serving a 35-year sentence for burglaries and has a history of trying to escape from jail. those are some of the headlines we're following for you. welcome back. i'm natasha curry in for robin meade today. a memorial service is planned for tonight for annie le, killed days before her
6:32 am
wedding. the service will be held at her fiance's synagogue in new york. a funeral is planned in california. a yale lab technician is charged with killing her. large protests are planned today outside a u.n. building in new york. the demonstrators are angry that libyan leader moammar gadhafi is being welcomed into the country. correspondent richard lui, what is it about gadhafi that has people so upset? it was only three years ago, you might remember, libya was taken off the list of state sponsored terrorism after many years and just last month gadhafi gave a hero's welcome to the man convicted in the 1988 bombing of pan am flight. you see the man arriving in libya. that outraged a lot of people. president obama even expressed his disapproval of the moment. folks who lost loved ones on the flight say it is not enough. >> you can try and make peace with the country but he is still a monster.
6:33 am
>> i just cannot fathom what people are thinking in the free world to allow this to happen. >> now gadhafi has been blamed for financing several other terrorist acts that killed hundreds of other innocent people there, natasha, too. >> richard, why is gadhafi here now? what's he trying to accomplish at the u.n.? >> ostensibly the assembly meeting but this has to do with appearances. gadhafi wants to show the people of his country that he's being accepted by the western world. this is his first appearance here at the united nations in 40 years as ruler of libya. libya is currently a rotating member of the u.n. security council as well. >> we haven't seen him in quite a long time, that's for sure. thank you. police have wrapped up their search of the kidnapping subject's property and they say so far it doesn't look like there's a connection to two other missing persons cases. still, investigators have not eliminated phillip garrido as a suspect in the disappearances of two young girls.
6:34 am
garrido and his wife are charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. people called 911 when they saw what they thought looked like a dead body on a billboard. check it out for yourself. police checked it out and found it was actually a mannequin. it looks really real, though, be doesn't it? it was part after promotion for an art exhibit. >> the artist chose a billboard that was really never used. he basically puts his sculptures in unexpected places and the billboard was one of them. >> police say it was all an unnecessary expense to the city. the art group plans to put up more signs by tomorrow but they'll let officials know about it. that could be freaky to see if you're driving. >> clearly i'm not an art critic but a corpse is not art especially on a dilapidated
6:35 am
billboard. >> good morning. some heavy rain off the coast of the carolinas. that's ready to slam on in to georgia and florida later today. heavy downpours, expect that all around the beaches, the heavy line of rain we had over atlanta and the rest of georgia the last couple of days. we were drying out yesterday. it's still around alabama. it's still the moisture in place, all that heavy rain that we saw. the low clouds are here. we might catch a short delay at the airport. this afternoon again ought to be filled with sunshine so more drying out for atlanta. that obviously is good news. let me show you the flood warnings still out there. back to the west, flood warnings are fwing to diminish. we still have them around birmingham. you could see watches around nashville. the rain itself, the heavy stuff north of birmingham stretching into nashville, too. it's on that line going up to the north. high pressure from the east. the heavy rain around the
6:36 am
carolinas, picking up a little bit of strength from wilmington and the cape fear area. rain stretching to myrtle beach. that's all moving inland today and it's going to affect you as far to the south as orlando and back on in towards cape canaveral, too. more on that in a bit. dramatic pictures from atlanta. the owner of these horses had to rescue them when the farm was flooded. great photos from i-reporter pamela smart. they are all doing well, up to their necks in water. unreal. this is outside of atlanta. this is crazy. >> you've heard a lot of stories in the news recently about animals being swept away by the floods. >> just about everything peaked yesterday so we are beginning to ebb. more rain in store for the weekend but not as much as we had. >> thank goodness because it's a mess. bob, thank you. well, prosecutors want people to pay for the death of anna nicole smith. why today could bring even more bad news for her one-time lover howard k. stern.
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a new york senator says new york can't spend nearly $97 million in federal stimulus dollars set aside for daycare centers. gillibrand says a federal agency hasn't issued adequate guidelines on spending it. she's asking the health and human services department to help with that. some states have started spending their money. spontaneous combustion of manure at a ranch may have started a fast moving fire in southern california. that's what the ventura county
6:40 am
sheriff's department thinks anyway. this fire from last night. up to 600 families were told to leave. some have been able to come home. fires burned more than 8,000 acres ripping through canyons and hills. what a mess there. a married couple and three point of their children were found dead inside their illinois home monday. local authorities received a 911 call about a possible shooting at the home and when they arrived they discovered the bodies. the only survivor a 3-year-old girl is in the hospital. authorities are urging people in the area to be cautious until a suspect is caught. the idea was to protect from you abuse. congress may be scaling back a plan to make the financial products you buy safer. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. what do you know? >> after the financial crisis we
6:41 am
all learned that maybe mortgages got a little bit too complicated for a lot of people to really understand what they were getting into. maybe. so the white house had said, they had proposed that it was time for a government agency who had a mission to look out for you when it comes to financial products but this is what happened in congress. as that idea went through congress, the vision for a financial consumer agencies is getting weaker and a new proposal on capitol hill we have fewer protections. a government point person for consumers, elizabeth warren who is not a lawmaker but somebody who has been there, advocating for consumers on capitol hill, said there were more rules to guarantee the safety of a toaster than there are for mortgages and certainly know what happened when all of those mortgages became unsafe collectively. right? they pushed the financial system to the edge and were a large part of what's happening now in the economy. let's get you to some good news.
6:42 am
stocks rallied again carrying the dow, s&p, the nasdaq all up to new highs. stocks have been pushing higher. there's the dow closing last night at almost 9,830. they will wrap up a two-day meeting. natasha, this is where the fed chief has said from aspective t over. >> jen, thanks. a colorado company is on the road to riches with an unusual beverage. stephanie elam has more in this "small business success." not only did we serve it with it but we doused the ham in the meade. >> one tip david myers shares with his customers. david owns red stone meetry in boulder, colorado. meade is an alcoholic beverage
6:43 am
fermented from honey. >> it can be sweet, sparkling or still but the beauty about the product is it's never one thing. >> reporter: david started home brewing beer in the late '80s. he remembers tasting a fellow brewer's trickily pear meade. >> a couple sips of that and it was like, whoo, i have to make me some of this stuff. >> reporter: and that led him to start redstone meadery. his grandfather founded london fog raincoats. >> the inspiration from my grandfather to try something on my own. >> reporter: redstone is available online and at stores across the country with sales topping half a million dollars. david says the sour economy has not impacted his business much. >> the reality is people drink in good times. people drink in bad times. >> with meade, i like that.
6:44 am
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new this morning, president obama is calling for an end to subsidies that encourage the use of fossil fuels and he thinks this need to be a worldwide effort. he's going to propose a phase-out at the summit that starts thursday in pittsburgh and some scientists believe the use of fossil fuels contributes to global warning.
6:47 am
they say this would hurt u.s. energy security. well, the flu is hitting hard in minnesota. in one elementary school 200 students, a third of the student body, were out with flu-like symptoms yesterday. parents say nine have confirmed cases of the h1n1 flu. state health department says in all 1 23 schools reported outbreaks. if your child has a fever, make sure you keep them home until they're fever free for 24 hours without medicine. ♪ she loves you ♪ ♪ she loves you >> there's a whole lot of love for the beatles. the remastered catalog has sold 2.25 million albums in just five days breaking several records for simultaneous titles. billboard magazine says the fab four had 16 albums in the top 50 including two box sets.
6:48 am
all right. we're talking about some air travel delays now. bob van dillen with the latest on that. hey, bob. >> so far so good. who gets the beatle cash right now is what i want to know? all those copies sold, who gets the cash? >> nice chunk of change. >> if you are traveling, so far so good. heavy rains down across the deep southeast but showers around the new york city metro about 30 to 60-minute delays there. more delays the further south you go. houston also about a thunderstorm half hour to hour long delay and showers around denver could slow you down to half an hour. more on that in a bit. >> all right, bob, thanks. police are looking for two suspects who smashed their way into a florida gas station. check out the video for yourself here. the men broke through a plate glass window, quickly filled a trash can with cigarettes and cash from the cash register. look at that. the owner says the thieves made off with $2,000 worth of
6:49 am
cigarettes and about $250 in cash. well, it seems like the dalai lama has a good sense of humor. check it out with the mayor of memphis. >> they say you have a sense of humor. i've always wanted to say hello, dalai. >> the dalai lama says he took the first fist bump very, very easily. he's in memphis to receive international freedom award from the national civil rights museum. he even put a variation on it. did you notice that? he did the fist bump and then just added his own little twist to it. that's cool. >> that's cute. so an nfl player canceled his twitter account after offending a lot of his fan base. what happened here, rafer? these are things that make you go -- i'm sorry. you heard of sticking your foot in your mouth? >> i have. >> how about sticking your tweet in your mouth. that's what washington redskins
6:50 am
linebacker robert henson did. he attacked his fans on the page for booing them on sunday. he is not even acted on you are lucky to be playing in the nfl. don't ridicule other people how they make their living. >> pitching for the new york city, sonya sot meyer. going from the bench to the mound to throw out the first pitch saturday. sotomayor is a yankees fan and helped litigate an end to baseball strike in 1995. by the way, the yankees also became the first team attorney a spot in the playoffs with a win over the angels last night. playoffs? jim out of nascar. the maker of jim beam said the company will no longer sponsor robby gordon's team next season. this comes day after jack
6:51 am
daniels said it would stop sponsoring casey meares. jim beam spirits said it would shift ad dollars outside of nascar. lastly, this is a guy we can learn from. arizona's mark reynolds set a record for the most strikeouts ever in a season with 20 breaking his own record he set last year. but he still has been hitting great. 100th rbi and 43 home runs. the point is, when he strikes out, he doesn't hold on to it or doesn't seem to. when you asked about it, so what, we won, i have 100 rbis. it is a good idea. you don't hold on to the negative and you can still go ahead and do good things even when you strike out. i need to think that way some yes, we all do. >> thank you. >> thanks, rafer. this one will take a while to sweep up. huge dust storm making it hard for some people to breathe.
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